The following is an introduction to my soon to be published book, Employment Rage. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @employmentrage1 for updates and insider information.

“Comemy friends, ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”



As a rule, I do not like self-help books. To my way of thinking they seem to offer the hope of change tied to a sense of seductive ease; of simplicity as it relates to solving problems that are often extraordinary complex and multifaceted. Suffice to say, this is not your typical self-help book. I believe that the last thing the world needs is another book that tells you how to get a job, fix your career or become the slim person who lives within you. Trust me, this is not that type of a book.

This book is a manuscript of concepts and ideas. It is a book of observations, and new realities. It is a book that speaks to what has happened to you professionally. To how you might have been affected and to real world opportunities for change and for progress. It is a book of the different and converging angles one might consider in moving from survival to success.

Micro to macro in its scope, it is deeply personal because it talks about you and it talks about me. From the heart to the wallet; devoid of sacred cows, this is a book from which to see, react to and ultimately improve your condition. It is a new perspective. An enhanced vantage point from which to consider and ultimately pursue your professional goals and regain a semblance of what has been lost.  Self respect, ego, employment and a sense of purpose.

This book is designed to help you to understand, on a host of different levels, what has happened to both you and your career; to your child’s perception of the world and their inability to get a job upon graduation. It is all here; the rage and the helplessness and the turmoil. The deep sense of loss and of frustration and of pain as it relates to the meltdown of our economy.

This book deals with not just the economy’s effect on your daily life. It addresses how it has affected your family, your sense of worth and all of the things you consider of importance. It is an overview for those of you who have been derailed; an abundance of ideas and commentary on how you might see things differently in order to affect real and perhaps lasting change. I wrote this book as an industry insider who wants to speak directly and honestly with you. I want to connect with as many as I can; to help as much as I can and therein lies the real value of my contribution.

Many people could have written slices of this book but it took an employment insider to write it all. It also took a fellow victim of this economy. My objective is not to project upon how it feels for you but to share. To speak of my own personal pain right along with yours because I really do understand.

Tricks and tips? Sure, there are endless things contained within the pages here that will be of great value the reader. Real world substance for all to use. Ideas and observations one can consider in a way that will allow the reader to begin anew the quest for professional fulfillment. Let me illustrate just a few examples. Do you think you know all about headhunters? I’ll bet there is much you will learn in that chapter. Strong ideas and commentary as it relates to effectively working with and even befriending this largely misunderstood group of employment professionals.

Have you worked on your resume again today? How about yesterday? Perhaps tomorrow? If so, you might be doing the “I’m working on my resume dance” a bit more than is required. Might I suggest some time in that chapter to gain a deeper understanding and outlook that might help you to stop obsessing?

Do you approach networking because you need help? Wrong orientation from my viewpoint on the game. As such, so you can certainly pick up some new ideas there as well and see how that information impacts your results. As I said, this is a book for thinkers so draw your own conclusions.

How about the interview? Think you have that one down cold? Look at the insights offered and perhaps reconsider you position. Quick hint? Think you are perfect for the job and you hope to ace the interview? If so, there is much to consider and reflect upon in the chapter on interviewing because it simply does not work that way.

How is Toastmaster’s going? Not an active member? I strongly suggest you read that chapter first and join one of your local clubs. These examples just scratch the surface on content but if you go on, you will see that for yourself. Just one more hint? Toastmasters might be the very best move you ever made for your career and your professional life. Read the chapter and find out why.

Life inside corporate America? Think it is for you? Read it and tell me if I have been there or not. Just be sure to hold your nose as it is an ugly business; a messy affair.  A slaughterhouse with wing tips.

This is not a book of pedagogy. There is no real information in this book that will tell you the exact ways in which you should “do” things in order to gain a measure of efficiency. More eye opening and creative ways to perceive what some might see as the basics? Yes but enhanced methodology is not my objective. Sixteen point type for your name on the resume? I do not know. Point to the interviewers family picture on the desk and tell them they have a “really swell family?” That is up to you but I would not even dream of doing that.

This is a book for the person who is sick and tired of it all but has little idea how to make it happen for themselves. It is a book for the person who needs the new lens that can only be provided by the person who actually reads your resume; the person who confers with Hiring Managers on tactical decisions every single day. By a person who is a headhunter and a public speaker and an author. Of one who attempts to look at his world of work differently every single day in order to create real value. Of one who stubbornly refuses to repackage the old and tired ideas of what worked when Clinton was President.

My vision of this work is for you to see it as a tool for the craftsman; for the careful hunter who will consider and reexamine all that has happened before and use that insight to sculpt a better life. Part manifesto, part tell-all and part road map for success, this book will put the possibilities into your hands and illuminate much that you simply do not see; or worse, see incorrectly. Self help book? Lets just say it will help you big time.

This book is the best thing going if you take it in and work it to your advantage. Will you agree with every single nit? Perhaps not but thinkers seldom do. I hope we can partner on this and create a better outcome for you and all of the people in your life.

Robert Frost said “very often, the only way out, is through.” Lets get through this together and lets do what we can to get the hell out.