Employment Rage/What you have lost and how to recover

Author: Howard Adamsky

Howard’s new book, Employment Rage/What you have lost and how to recover is a book that was written just for you; the job seeker and the underemployed. This book is not a self-help book. It is a manuscript of concepts and ideas; a book of observations, and new realities. It is a book that speaks to what has happened to you personally, professionally and the real world opportunities that exist for meaningful change!

Ideas for consideration? Her are just five:

  • Do you think you know all about headhunters? I’ll teach you so much more.
  • Working on your resume again today? Lets put an end to that right now.
  • Networking all over the planet because you need help? Let’s rethink.
  • Ace the interview and get the job? Biggest fallacy on the planet. Learn why now.
  • Corporate America for you?  Hold your nose and get the facts!
  • And the list goes on and on…


  • Introduction. Why this book is the right book at the right time by the right author.
  • I Understand You. Tell me if I do not know exactly what you are thinking.
  • It is Not Your Fault. Lets take the guilt out of your mind
  • The Blame Game. Why you want to forget the politics and just move on.
  • Things to Consider. A bit on what has happened and why we are here.
  • Life on the Inside. Want a job in Corporate America? You must read this.
  • Active and Passive Candidates. A problem you did not even know that you have.
  • Networking. A stunning tool if you approach it correctly.
  • A Few Words on Headhunters. There is much you need to consider; see it here.
  • Your Resume. I am the first to read your resume. I know what is important.
  • The Interview. A chance to shine? Of course but there is so much more.
  • The New College Student. For parents and the new student. Not pretty reading
  • The Recent Graduate. Our economy stinks. You need to see the possibilities.
  • Other Problems. Think you are alone? Listen to a bit on my story.
  • References: See why this is so important and how to manage it for best results.
  • What to Do Now: The things you must become; the things you must do; today.

Who Should Read This Book? Anyone who has been affected by the economic meltdown and is struggling with unemployment or underemployment. Anyone who is tired of self help books and needs new tools and better ideas that will offer insight and create real change. Anyone who wants the value that comes from an industry expert who reads your resume fist and understands what really works for today’s job seeker.

Bio: Howard Adamsky has been recruiting since 1985 and is an industry expert on making great hires. As a consultant, writer and public speaker, he works with organizations to support their efforts in building great companies.

Mr. Adamsky is a politically incorrect, atypical thinker who solves problems and gets results. His work has made an enormous difference with his clients as he supercharges the talent acquisition process and hires smart, motivated employees. He is a regular contributor to ERE Media, a Certified Internet Recruiter and a Certified Diversity Recruiter. He is also a clarinet player who is not terribly good but would love a reconditioned Selmer Series 9.