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Howard Adamsky has been recruiting since 1985 and is an industry expert on making great hires. As a consultant, writer and public speaker, he works with organizations to support their efforts in building great companies.

Mr. Adamsky is a politically incorrect, atypical thinker who solves problems and gets results. His work has made an enormous difference with his clients as he supercharges the talent acquisition process and hires smart, motivated employees. He is a regular contributor to ERE Media, a Certified Internet Recruiter and a Certified Diversity Recruiter.

He is also a clarinet player who is not terribly good but would love a reconditioned Selmer Series 9. As a fan of Art Garfunkel ad Frankie Valli his taste in music is eclectic. Mr Adamsky, who can be found walking the streets of Brooklyn when time allows is most delighted when he is on Franklin Avenue; anywhere between President Street and Park Place!


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  1. Ronald Katz
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 15:37:33

    Howard, I know what you’re going thru! I went thru the birthing pains (for the first time) of my book “Someone’s Gonna get Hired…It Might As Well Be You!” earlier this year. And am working on my next already. Funny, while you’re editing and going thru all the production nonsense you swear you won’t do this again, but when it’s all done and you can get back to the creative part, the writing, it’s irresistible! Look forward to hearing more about Employment rage!
    Only the best,


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